I Am Excited For The Best Books Ever!

I was reading the book called The Faerie Path, (I wrote post about that) and this month, the SECOND BOOK COMES OUT! “The Lost Queen” is going to be even better! In this book, Princess Tania and Evan (who is now Edric) go into the real world to search for the lost queen, who is Tania’s mother. Queen Titania may be lost… or something else.

I was also reading a book called “The Alchemyst”. That is about two ordinary teenagers who discover they have magical powers. I have read the second book, “The Magician”, too. It is when they must be trained and have proper control over their powers. The third book, “The Sorceress” is also our this month, and my friend Avery has it reserved from the Library when it comes out, so both of us can read it.

I am really, really, REALLY excited! These are some of the best books ever, or best series ever, I should say. The third and fourth books of The Faerie Path series are coming out soon as well. And, but the  same author, Frewin Jones, another series called “The Warrior Princess” is supposed to be good too.

Where did I get all these books? My friend Avery of course! Can I wait to read all of them…?

I’m pretty sure you can guess that. I’m so excited!