Looking Back…

17.5 days of school left (not including weekends) is something to be excited about!

But what were my highlights of the year?

  • The heritage fair was fun becuase I did a project on my Other Nanny (Great Grandmother)’s family and her life. I wrote a book that was in the form of a journal that my Other Nanny’s older sister Veronica wrote. I never knew a lot about her family, but it became a lot more important to me when something happened…
  • Our juggling routines for PE! We created a rountine in groups and we got a laugh out of it. (Don’t ask).  
  • That very special day when Sophie and I decided we were going to make a show. We were watching an episode of Miley and Mandy show on my iPod, and we decided we are going to make random movies of funny randomness.
  • When we went to Hornby it was really fun and I really want to do everything again! I liked High Ropes the best even though I was scared to death of it!

These are the highlights of my year!